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Wheels - Ground

Wheels are fireworks that are designed to be attached to some sort of vertical support, usually by a nail. When lit, they spin around their centre emitting showers of sparks, crackle, and whistles.

In addition to the well-know Catherine Wheel - coiled tube around a wooden hub, wheels are found as an arrangement of 'drivers' (similar too rocket motors) fixed radically on spikes. They spin at incredible speeds, looking like a circle of blazing fire floating in midair.

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A Catherine wheel producing red, green, yellow & silver sparks. Good sturdy reliable perf..
Cyclone Wheel (3 Pieces) A pack of 3 tri-wheels which emit red, green and silver sparks..
Ring Of Fire 1 Piece Witness the splendour of our largest wheel with its endless displa..
Endless Display of Effects and Colours ..
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